Kamis, 14 Juni 2007

I was in my first "puppy love" and worshiped the toilet seat she sat on For "gudangcowo"


gudangcowo I was in my first "puppy love" and worshiped the toilet seat she sat on. I went to Alice's house after school to "help" her with her homework, which meant doing it for her, and her mother had left a note saying they's gone to Riverside to look at new cars. Riverside was 30 minutes away, so we knew we had plenty of time to be alone (a rarety back then). We didn't waste it. We started kissing and hugging on the sofa.gudangcowo

Alice evidently had done more of this than I had, because she kept sticking her tongue in my mouth and rubbing me all over. Before I knew it, I had a boner and was excited as hell. I tried to sit so my boner wouldn't touch her. I didn't want to "gross her out," as the saying went back then. But lo and behold, her little fingers found it and rubbed it and then she asked to see it. I carefully took it out and she played with it for a few minutes. It felt soooo goooood, and then suddenly I knew it felt tooooo goooood. I came everywhere, spraying the sofa, the coffee table, the floor, and us. Well, at least that's the way I remember it.
Alice got very excited over my coming. She asked it I wanted to make her come. I didn't know girls could and said so. She explained that she didn't actually shoot come out like I did, but she reached a climax and felt good none the less. Well, I wanted to help in any way I could. So she lifted her little pleated skirt and took off her cotton panties and that's when I got my first ever glimpse of a real live beaver. She took my fingers and showed me what to do and I did it as best as I could, all the while wondering how her warm interior would feel wrapped around my boner. Well, she came. Then she came again. Then, while she was reaching for a third come, she noticed my renewed boner.
I will always love Alice for what she did next. She laid me on my back on the floor and squatted down over me until she had my boner up inside her. In that position, I could see her sparsely haired pussy open up for me, see my boner disappear up into her pinkness, and see her youthful plumpness mold around me, hold me, and receive everything I could push up into her. Watching it was the most marvelous part, because the fucking was over almost as soon as it started.

I no sooner raised my butt off the floor to hump up into her when her third come came. Her excitement and climax, coupled with the visual treat and physical stimulation I was experiencing, were too much for me. I came immediately after she started coming. It took her a few moments to realize I had shot my load inside her, and then she simply freaked out. <http://befireworks.0catch.com/>

Screaming something about making babies, she ran naked into the kitchen. I got up and ran after her. She grabbed a Coke from the refrigerator, fumbled in a drawer for the opener, and then ran to the bathroom with the Coke and opener. I followed. She stood in the bathtub, lifted one foot up on the rim, popped the cap off the bottle, placed her thumb over the bottle opening, and shook that Coke to kingdom come. Then she carefully placed her thumb against her pussy opening and released the pressure on the Coke bottle opening. Coke sprayed all over the place and she shoved the bottle opening up inside her. The Coke sputtered and flowed out, running down her leg and carrying white bubbles of my come with it. She kept shaking the bottle until it wouldn't fizz up any more. Then she turned on the water and washed off. When she was done, she made me get dressed and leave. http://Bemysql.tripod.com

Alice and I fucked two more times, but on those occassions she made me pull out and shoot my load on her stomach and little titties. She never had cause to use the "Coke douche" again with me, but I don't doubt she probably used it again with someone. I wonder if today's girls even know about it.