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Well it all started out i knew this guy about 4 years ago and i moved down where i am now caused i use to live in fremont and well i went to my sisters school and the guy (i will call him sugar lips) well we came back to my house after school and we were on the inteernet fooling around with peaoples minds and that's when it really hit me that i really love him iguess you can call it love at first sight and then we were here together and we did not do anything until that night outside we kised and he put his hand up my shirt it felt great i got the chills well then it all happened it was the day before his graduation and we were really into it he was fingring me and i was jacking him off it felt so good never did it feel good with another guy. well then we made love not sex we were kissing and it just simply felt good i had an orgasm he probably did too but that was the best love i have ever had the first time i got raped and this sugar lips is the best thing that has ever
happened to me we have been going out for almost a year now it will be a year soon in june i love himmmm so much he now lives somewhere else but we do keep in touch and we still see each other alot and yes we still have the best sex ever (THE WHOLE WORKS IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN)

For "gudangcowo" My First Experiences

My First Experiences

Then one day I accidently discovered my dad magazine stash. He had a really wonderful liburary of very erotic and explicit books. I fell in love with the femal body! I found that I love the detail of the vagina, and how sexy the anus is. I was all kind of different shapes, curves, and sizes. I discovered that nipples and clits really turn me on. I learned so much from dads books. He had some that were readers, like master and johnsons sexual guides. There I learned about eating pussy, about anal sex, about giving women orgasms, about erogenous zones.
The more I learned the more I wanted it but was too shy to approach a girl about having sex. So I experimented with masturbation while getting stimulation from my anus. I don't ever remember thinking about having a cock in me, but I did discover may things that I could put in there that felt so good. Then one day I discovered my mom's vibrator under the bed. Wow, this was the ticket. Wacking off while sliding that vibrator in my asshole REALLY got me off.
I was eleven years old the first time I put my cock into a pussy. The girl was ten, she seduced me, measured my cock, (8 inches, told me that is was small but would do), sucked my cock, then had me put it inside her pussy. This girl had been having sex for no telling how long, and with a cock that she said was 11 inches long. I remember having to twist sidewise to even feel anything.
Well I did not cum or even get close. The only thing that I got out of it was to think that all pussy and having sex smelt like her, she really had a terrible aroma, one that I have never smelt since, (thank god). gudangcowo
I was wearing a brand new pair of Levi's and afterword, thinking that all sex smelt this way, they smelt so rank that I knew that if my parents smelt them they would know that I had been having sex. I buried the pants in the very bottom of the wash pile hoping that my mom would not notice them, but later, while just walking thru the washroom, I notice that I could still smell them. I knew that if my mom walked into the wash room it would be an instant bust. So I did what any eleven year old boy would have done, I took them out into the middle of the orange grove across the street from my house, dug a hole and buried them.
So my first experience of sex with a female, (the first of which I had effectively blocked out), left me with the understanding that all pussy smelt like something dead. So for the time being, I was satisfied with masturbating. I discover that if I put two pillows in a plastic bag, one per bag, and put oil or lotion between them I could fuck my pillows. This became a nightly routine too.
Two years later, at 13 years old, I was camping with my family in south central California Valley foothills at a place called Camp Wishon. It is located high up the Tulie River. I had decided to go explore down stream and do some fly fishing.

The terrain was very broken, with jutting rocks, huge boulders, and side that were very seep in most places. I remember coming to where the stream bellied out into a perfect pool. One that I knew that trout would be lurking. The down stream edge of this pool was the edge of a aterfall, with the stream dropping down into the next pool. While concentrating on my casting, I thought that I heard the sound of female laughing. I walked to the edge of the fall and looked over. Because of the outcroppings I could not see straight down, but I could see a towel, pants and a blouse. I round to the side of the canyon and start making my way down the steep wall. As I come around the side of a large rock that was blocking my view I was totally taken by surprise by what I saw. There before me, about 10 feet down and 15 feet away were four totally naked women. I lost my footing, dropped, tumbled, and fell the rest of the way down.
<http://keamanan.white.prohosting.com/>I admit this was a very clumsy entrance but very effective. All four of the naked women immediately came over to me to tend to my "wounds". Of which only my pride was injured. Oh yea, and I broke my fishing pole. Well, fishing was out of the question, as if I ever thought about it again.

All four of the ladies were college students from the local college in Porterville, California, the town that I also lived in. Two of them had their major in nursing. And I immediately became their patient. Touching me all over making sure that I had no broken bones, or sprang. I could not believe this was happening to me, not in my wildest dreams. Here I am surrounded by four totally beautiful sexy and naked women, two of which were massaging my hurt body. I was only wearing a pair of cutoffs
that did not do much to hide my instant hard on which was more than obvious. It was crazy how embarrassed I was at the time. From my tumble, and more so from my boner that was bulging in the middle of my crotch. I thought that it would be stupid of me to try to hide it so I just stood there while the two ladies checked my arms, back, ass and legs, while I could not help but to stair at the two lovelies standing in front of me. Nobody said anything about my hard cock, but I did notice them looking at it. (I remember thinking that I would finally get to try out all the things that I had learned from reading my dad's books.)
As the two finished making sure that I am really OK, one of the other two invited me to swim with them. I thought that was wonderful and said "sure". Suddenly I am feeling shy about getting naked in front of four strangers, but my instinctual urge over came my shyness and I dropped my cutoffs and my underwear. I noticed that all four were watching me drop my pants and saw my boner pup into complete view. I tried to play non-xxx about it but it was quite obvious. It is hard to hide an fat 8
1/2 inch cock.
As soon as I was naked one of the ladies asked me if I would like a massage. Again my response was, "Sure!" She gently laid me on my back and started rubbing my shoulders and chest, working her way down to my mid section. I remember the wonderful sensations of her wonderful massage, it was my first (and started me on my way of learning massage.) As she started massaging the sides of my hips, tummy, right up to my hard cock, my cock went into constant twitching, bobbing up and down, bouncing off my lower tummy.
I am laying there with my eyes closed as she is massaging my body when suddenly I am feeling the most wonderful sensations on my cock that I had ever felt. The only sound I could make was to moan. I raise my head and look down and see my cock head being sucked inside her mouth, then
watched as she slide in deep in and started sucking it like it was a straw. When I finally layed my head back and looked up, I find myself looking right up the crotch of one of the other two ladies. The strangest thing, I notice right off the she had no hair on her pussy lips, just on her upper belly. Wow, my first shaved pussy :)

gudangcowoAs the lady continues sucking my cock, very sort and slow, the lady standing above me is asking me if I had ever licked a pussy before. I told her no but that I had read about it. Then she asked me if I would like to lick her pussy. My immediate response was again, "Sure!" but I am thinking to myself, "gawd, I hope that it don't stink like before!" Then I watch as she starts lowering her pussy down to my face. Squatting over me She tells me to just use the tip of my tongue and to lightly lick the outsides of her pussy. So as her pussy approached my mouth I start licking with the very tip of my tongue, lightly licking all the smooth outer flesh of her pussy. All the while, I am still getting immense pleasure from the lady down between my legs, still slowly sucking on the head of my cock. The first thing I noticed was that I smelling the most wonderful scent that I had ever smelt. Just at the scent I felt my cock twitch inside the other woman's mouth. It was feeling so
good, fucking my pillows no way even prepared me for these wonderful senations that I was feeling. The combination of the luscious scent of the one's pussy in my nose and the magic feelings that the other was giving me had me shooting my first cum from real sex inside her mouth. But she did not stop, just lightened the suction on my cock and continue pleasuring me. I did not go completely soft and in no time at all I was completely hard again. I just knew that I had to be dreaming.

As I continued licking all the outer flesh of the lady's pussy lips, she is telling me to let the tip of my tongue slip between her lips. I do and get my very first taste of pussy juice. The taste combined with the scent flowing in through my nose was rather musty but somehow in a very sweet way. It did not have a bit to it, but rather tasted smooth. I knew from my first taste of pussy that I was hooked for life.

As I started exploring between her pussy lips, she started moving her hips forward and back, making my tongue find her pussy opening and her clit. From my reading, I remembered that a womans clit is very sensitive and is a magic spot for pleasure. She is telling me that I am a good
learner, that I am doing a very good job, then as she slides her pussy hole over my tongue, she tells me to lick my tongue around the inside of her opening. I do as I am told, noticing right off the heat coming out of her wet pussy hole. After doing this for a bit, by instinct, I start slipping my tongue in and out. As I started doing this she lowers her pussy right down on my face, pressing her pussy rather tightly against my mouth, making my tongue go even deeper into her pussy and making my
nose press against the bottom edge of her clit.

From the wonderful sensations that I am still getting from the magic feeling coming from my cock and the wonderful feeling of these smooth pussy lips pressing and sliding on my mouth and face I have constant moans and groans coming out of me with every breath. The same is with the lady who's pussy I was eating.

Somewhere about this time I heard the other two women moaning somewhere out of my view, which at the time was limited to pussy lips, anus and ass cheeks. At the same time I am noticing that my cock is being licked like it is an ice cream, then I am feeling my nuts being licked then sucked into her mouth. I just knew that I was dreaming, that it was a dream something like I had never dreamed before and that I would probably wake up with sticky white stuff all over my tummy.

I remember the woman, who's pussy I was learning how to eat, moving her pussy so that her clit was right over my tongue. I started licking it with the same energy that I had been probing my tongue into her wet pussy hole. Immediately she pulls back a bit and tell me "no, not like that, do it very light and just lick over the top and around the sides". So I accommodate her wish. After a bit she tells me to suck her clit into my mouth and lick the end with the tip of my tongue. As I started
doing this it became the most natural thing that I could ever do and would ever do for the rest of my life to the present. Sucking clit in and out and flicking tongue up and down and all around. Sucking it
like it is a nipple and licking it like it is a piece of candy. Then finding the natural rhythm and staying with it, flicking with building speed and pressure.

When I started this on her clit I notice that her knees that were resting on my shoulders started shaking, and she started growling. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my head with both hands and started rocking very slightly on my mouth. I was careful to keep her clit between my lips, not let my teeth dig into her pussy, and kept flicking her clit with my tongue. When she started with this new change and started giving my first face fuck she started moaning like mad, the woman that was sucking my head started humming hard on my cock. She had my cock deep inside my mouth with my head right next to her vocal cords and the vibrations were vibrating right on my head. Then next thing that I know my cock is going off again in the woman's mouth while this other woman is grinding her pussy hard on my mouth. Finally had my first orgasms inside a woman, and I knew then that beating off could never compare. I was hooked!!!

This happened the third day of our 2 week vacation and from that first day on, I found myself traveling down the stream to find those four wonderful women. The became my teachers, all of them had to teach me their favorite way of having their pussy eat. I never did actually fuck any of them but I sure did learn how to eat pussy, learned how to give wonderful massages, and learned all about giving pleasure to women. Though I looked everday for them, they were only there on the two
weekends that my stay at Camp Wishon covered. So during the week I was going back down the that same place, getting naked, stroking my cock and fantaszing about these four women. I knew that I would never forget what they tought me, nor would I forget them. Even though I never saw them again after that wonderful vacation.

I am 40 years old now and still love giving women pleasure and eating pussy is my favorite thing in the whole world of feel-good.

This is my experience and thank your for giving me the opportunity to share it. Excuse me now, I have to go and get myself off with these wonderful memories flowing around in my head...

For "gudangcowo" All of my friends always called me Pimp

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All of my friends always called me Pimp, because I was
always with all kinds of chicks. But I had never really
fucked any of them. I had gotten quite a few blow jobs and
sucked on plenty of tits, but I never went all the way,
because I thought that the first time should be special (yeah
I know that doesn't really sound like a "pimp", but I didn't
give myself the nickname.)

Anyway, now for the real story. There was this girl,
"Amy." She was a "can't touch" girl. She drove a red
Z28 convertible with the liscense plate "CANT TUCH." This
girl was fine. Every guy in school wanted her, but if you
were somehow lucky enough to go out on a date with her, you
couldn't get anywhere. And she usually didn't like anyone
enough to go out with them more than twice. Then I started
dating her. We had been going out for about three weeks
when I had a huge party at my house. At about eleven o'clock
everybody wasa going crazy and party like there was no
tomorrow. So Amy and I left and went to my room. I
figured we would probably make out for a while, as we had
a couple of times before, and then return to the party to get
shitty slop faced and pass out. That's how it went at first.
We were laying on my bed making out, and I tried to slip my
hand up her shirt. Then she said, "Stop." I was a bit
upset, but not real suprised.
Then she said she had never
felt this way before, and she was in love with me, and it
was time to give it up. I was shocked, but I was pretty
sure I was in love with her too, so I decided it was the
perfect time. So I stripped her down naked and started
tasting her untouched treasure.
I licked her until she
screamed and then I decided it was time to enter. I took
of my clothes and went to get a condom, but she said she
didn't want one, because neither of us had done it before,
and she trusted me not to get her pregnant. So I slid my
dick in her and started slowly pumping.
It was so tight,
and she was screaming with every trust, but the music
outside was so loud nobody could here. After about fifteen
minutes I was ready to blow it, so I pulled out and shot it
all over her stomach. We took a shower together and fucked
again amidst all the water pummleting our bodies. We then
went back to the party and got drunk and she passed out in
my arms. By the time we woke up in the morning everybody
had left except for my two sisters. So we said good morning
and then went to my room to have sex one more time before
she went home.
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Now is where the story gets kind of funny. Four days later
she was out of town, at a basketball game with her parents,
and her sisters threw a party at their house. (Shit...I for
got to descride Amy. OK, heregoes: She's 17, 5'3", 105lbs.
She's got long straight blonde hair. and blue eyes.) So I'm
at the party, hanging out with her sister Sara. Sara and
get really high, and then go to her room. I felt kind of
awkward at first, but then she took of her clothes and ate
her out until I tasted her juices. Then she took me in her
mouth and started giving my the best blow job I had ever had.
We went on giving each other oral pleasures for about three
hours. Then at about 11:30 I left. (The party was kind of
early, since Amy and her parents were coming back at
The next day at school I went and talked to Amy. Sara had
told her everything. I felt really bad, and Amy was pretty
upset. Then she kissed me, and shouted down the hall at her
sister, "Hey Sara, I just tasted your pussy, but I guess
that's alright since you were tasting mine all last night."
Everyone in the halls found that really funny. And Amy soon
forgave me.
That was three months ago. Amy and I are still dating. As
for Sara, (who by the way is 18 and looks just like Amy
except her hair is curly and she only ways about 95 pounds,)
nothing else ever happened.

MY FRENCH TEACHER For "gudangcowo"

I was in french class one day when i noticed that my french teacher (Ms Martin) had a very short skirt on .
I didnt fancy her at all until i saw the sexiest legs in the universe.Then i fell in love with her.
She didnt wear a skirt for the next 3 months,until on the last day she came in with a long skirt on.
I was really pissed off until i noticed that it had a slit on both sides going to her thighs.
I was able to see under her desk.So naturally i was staring when she looked at me.I started to go red (probably) but she didnt say anything she just closed her legs.
I didnt do my homework so she put me on detention.I was the only one.
Ib sat in my usual desk near the front and i coulnt resist staring yet again between her beautiful slender stems.
She looked up again and stared back at me all the while moving her legs further apart.
What i saw then was my first pussy completely bare,but dripping and open wide.
She move a hand down o her pantiless crotch and started masturbating.
Needlesss to sayi was hard as a rock and pretty fuckin wet myself.She got out of her chair and dragged her whole desk down to mine.She told me to sit up on the desk,i co-operated completely.She sat down in my desk which was slightly lower than her own.She slowly
unzipped my school trousers and tore my cheap boxers away.She gently ran her tongue along the tip of my cock,i was just about ready to erupt and she took all of me in her mouth,after two seconds i let loose with a truckload.She swallowed every drop.
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Then she got back up on her desk and told me to get back into mine
Then she lifted up her skirt and i dived in .She was so wet already i didnt need to do much to make her scream,she was hysterical,pulling my head into her,screaming as if she had a knife in her stomach.This was getting me hard again and i was really eager to fuck her.
i stopped and asked her would she let me inside her,without a single word,she grabbed my cock and plunged it inside her while i ripped off her blouse.She had no bra .I was sliding in and out like an animal whil sucking and biting her nipples.Again she was emiting deathly screams as i felt liquid pouring from her delicious cunt
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We got up off the desk as we fell against a wall ,she wrapped her legs around me as we shagged .I was cumming again and told her so ,as she pulled me out of her and took me in her mouth,this was too much i let loose with such a load that she couldnt swallow this one.I collapsed with pleasure and made my way to her cunt again ,but thats another story.
We had all night because the cleaners had gone and locked us in.